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While every attempt is made to keep printed material accurate, the prices shown in various brochures and instruction sheets may be out of date. The current prices are in the price list, and on the Corbin Web Store at www.SwageDies.com. The web store price is definitive in case of any difference. Please bring any difference to our attention so we can update the material.

    Catalog & Prices

  1. Complete Corbin Catalog/Price List

  2. Price list front cover

  3. Price list inside cover

  4. Price list back cover

  5. Price List, Jackets, Lead, Supplies

  6. Price List, Tools and -R Dies

  7. Price List, S-Press and dies

  8. Price List, -H Presses and dies

  9. Price List, Books, Software, Clothing

    Bullet Swaging General Questions

  10. How to Swage Bullets

  11. Replacing Casting with Swaging

  12. Q&A About Swaging

  13. Selecting the Right Tools

  14. Quick pick: complete handgun or rifle bullet swage kits

  15. Bullet Balls

  16. Swaging Starter Kit

  17. Benchrest Swaging

  18. Reloading Press or Swage Press?

    Blackpowder Bullets

  19. Blackpowder Bulletmaking

  20. Swage Paper Patch bullets

  21. Springfield Ball for Muzzle Loaders

  22. Round Ball Swage Kit

  23. Ball Swage Kit for CSP-1 press

  24. Special Instructions for Ball Swage Kits

    Bullet Design

  25. Open Tip vs Hollow Point

  26. Sub-sonic Bullet Design/Tools

  27. Large Bore/Shotgun Slugs

    Air Gun Pellets & Slugs

  28. Air Gun Projectiles, Package Quotes

  29. Making Hollow Ogive Air Gun Slugs, Package Quote

  30. Standard Specs for Air Gun Slugs

  31. Pin-Points and Air Gun Pellet swaging

  32. Air Gun SWC Pellet Design Form

    Shapes, Weights & Special Designs

  33. Making Light Weight Bullets Correctly

  34. Making Bonded Core Bullets

  35. Multi-Part Stacking Bullets

  36. Minimum meplat size

  37. Standard Bullet Shapes

  38. Tangential and Eliptical Ogives

  39. Standard Design Specifications

  40. Making Solid Copper Bullets

  41. Making Hollow Ogive Payload-Carrying Bullets

    Swaging Presses

  42. Current CSP-1 S-Press Brochure

  43. 2002 Corbin S-Press 1st version

  44. Pre-2002 Series II Swage Press Release

  45. CSP-S Floor Stand

  46. CPS-1H Hydro-Mite Press Instructions (discontinued)

  47. Corbin Hydro Junior Info (discontinued)

  48. Corbin Hydro Junior Brochure (discontinued)

  49. Corbin CSP-2 Mega-Mite Instructions

  50. Corbin CHP-1 HydroPress Info

  51. Corbin HydroPress Brochure

  52. Preventing Press Handle Breakage (CSP-1, CSP-2)

  53. Diagram of Knock-Out Bar/Retraction Pin Installation

  54. Instructions for CHP-1 Hydro Press Breather Cap Installation

  55. CHP-1 Hydro Press Shipping and Unpacking Warning

  56. How to set up the S-Press

    Adapters & Accessories

  57. FPH-1-H Punch Holder

  58. FPH-2-H Punch Holder

  59. Bullets Pullers (50BMG, others)

  60. -S Punch to -H Ram Adapter, ADAPT-HS

  61. 7/8-14 to 1.5-12 RLA-B Bushing

  62. RLA-H, RLA-EX Reloading Adapters

  63. Arbor Press Anvils/Stop Pins in CSP-1 Press

  64. Walnut Hill Press adapter

  65. S-Press, Series II Press Stop Pins

  66. Automatic Jacket Stripper (for Hydro-Press)

  67. Adapters/Tools for other press brands

    Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

  68. Trouble-shooting guide

  69. Removing stuck bullets and jackets

  70. How to avoid destroying your point forming die

  71. Avoiding and Fixing Blocked Bleed Holes

  72. Issues with Point Forming of Short Bullets

  73. Undersized Bullets w/Light Weight

  74. How to Avoid Tool Breakage

  75. How to Prevent Damage to Your Dies

  76. Purpose of Lead Bullet sent with Point Form Die

  77. Measuring Bullet Run-Out (avoiding errors)

  78. Avoiding Stop Pin Breakage (CSP-1 -S Press)

  79. Preventing Press Handle Breakage (CSP-1, CSP-2)

    Core Seating

  80. Punch ID Illustrations

  81. Chart of Core Length/Weight

  82. Core Seating Dies

  83. Core Seater for Reloading Press

    Metal Tip & Ultra Low Drag Designs

  84. Comparision of ULD and ULD-TIP

  85. Open-tip Ultra Low Drag bullet design

  86. ULD-TIP Metal Tip Bullet Swage dies

  87. Instruction for PF-1-ST and PF-1-HT

  88. Punch-HT tip insert/eject punch

  89. Punch-ST tip insert/eject punch

  90. PIN-POINT Insert Bullets & Specs

  91. Tip Insert Flyer

  92. TIP-30 ULD-TIP info

  93. TIP-50 ULD-TIP info

  94. TIP-45 PIN POINT tips info

    Point Forming Dies

  95. Point Forming Dies, PF-1-S, PF-1-H

  96. Point Forming Dies with Bleed Holes, Sync Ejectors (PF-1-SB, -HB)

  97. Custom Point Forming Dies (PF-1-SC, -HC)

  98. Custom Point Forming Dies (PF-1-SC, -HC)

  99. Point Forming Dies for Reloading Press (PF-1-R)

  100. Minimum Meplat Diameter

    e-Books & Software

  101. FREE BOOKS: Go to e-books page...

  102. Bullet Business Book ad (Turning Ideas Into Income)

  103. Corbin Software Folder, 4-pages

    Experimental Development Work

  104. Experimental Product Specification Form

  105. Feasibility Study Agreement

  106. Experimental Product Development Agreement

    Test Media, Chemicals & Metals

  107. Testing Bullets with Sim-Test

  108. Using Tungsten Powder in Bullets

  109. Using Corbin Bore Lap (CBL)

  110. Corbin Ceramic Heat Treat Blocks

  111. Corbin Benchrest Bore Cleaner

  112. Corbin Core Bond

  113. Corbin Swage Lube

    Safety Data Sheets

  114. SDS for Corbin Chemical Products

    Bullet Jackets & Jacket Making

  115. Corbin 6mm VB Jackets

  116. Corbin VB Bullet Jackets

  117. Rimfire Jacket Maker Kit

  118. Strip Jacket Maker Kit, JMK-1-S

  119. GCM-1-H gas check maker

  120. GCM-1-S gas check maker

  121. Base Guard Manufacturing System

  122. Automatic Stripper Add-On Instructions, SK-A-H

  123. Making Strip Jackets at Home

  124. Tubing Jacket-Maker Parts ID

  125. Corbin Tubing Specs

  126. Corbin SAW-1 Tubing Saw

  127. Corbin SAW-2 Continuous Length Saw

  128. Full Length Jacket Serrator

  129. Adjustable Length Jacket Serrator

    50 BMG

  130. 50 BMG Tools

  131. Corbin 50 BMG Primer Tool

  132. Corbin Bullet Puller

  133. Bullet Puller Jaws

    Swage Die Set Instruction Sheets

  134. Instructions, 224 or 243 BSD-224R dies

  135. Bullet Making Kit Prices (2 kits)

  136. Reloading Press Swage Die Instr.

  137. Rimfire Jacket Maker Instr.

  138. LSWC-1 Lead Swage Instr.

  139. Making Open Tip Bullets

  140. FJFB-3-S 3-Die Set Instr.

  141. FPH-1-H Float Punch Holder

  142. FJFB-3-H 3-Die Set Instr.

  143. LTFB-4-H 4-Die Set Instr.

  144. LTFB-4-S 4-Die Set Instr.

  145. RBTO-4 4-Die Set Instr.

  146. FRBO-5 5-Die Set Instr.

  147. RBTL-5 5-Die Set Instr.

  148. FRBL-6 6-Die Set Instr.

  149. Dual Diameter Bullet Sizer Instr.

  150. Type -R Jacket Trim Die ET-1-R

  151. Type -H Jacket Trim Die ET-1-H

  152. Pound Die Instructions

  153. Finned Shotgun Slug Instr.

  154. Tip Closing Die for Higher BC

    Bullet Making Accessories

  155. Bullet Polisher Kit Instr.

  156. Bullet Reducing Die Instr.

  157. Lead Wire Extruder Kit

  158. Corbin Hand Cannelure Tool

  159. Corbin Lead Knurling Tool

  160. Power Cannelure Machine (PCM-2)

  161. Power Cannelure Machine Wheel (PCM-W)

  162. Power Cannelure Machine Feed Carousel)

  163. Early (discontinued) PCM-1

  164. Hardened Knurling Rolls Kit

  165. SDD-1 Jacket Serrator Die

  166. SDD-2 Jacket Serrator Die

  167. SK-1-H Stripper Kit

    Rebated Boat Tails

  168. The Rebated Boattail Advantage

  169. RBT-2 Die Set Instructions

  170. RBTO-4 4-Die Set Instr.

  171. FRBO-5 5-Die Set Instr.

  172. RBTL-5 5-Die Set Instr.

  173. FRBL-6 6-Die Set Instr.

    Swaging Business

  174. The Business of Custom Swaging

  175. Swaging for GunShops

  176. Custom Bullet Making Business Plan

  177. Listing Request, Custom Bullet Maker

  178. Tips for Success in Business

    Misc. Info

  179. Full-size T-Shirt Print

  180. Contact Info (Clip/Mail)

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